Welcome to Telco Cloud Talk

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new podcast series on the imperative of moving critical business solutions for Telcos to the Public Cloud.


Episode #1

Why you need to move to the cloud NOW

March 24, 2021

Duration: 00:20:14

Michael Speranza, CEO of Zephyrtel chats with Mark Newman, Chief Analyst of TM Forum about why telcos need to move into the public cloud.  The telecoms industry has been slow to move in this direction and we will hear about strategies that telcos can adopt to speed up this migration.

Episode #2

Public Cloud vs Private Cloud: What you didn't know

March 31, 2021

Duration: 00:19:51

Mark Collins, SVP of Commercial Product Management at ZephyrTel talks with Mark Newman, Chief Analyst of TM Forum about public cloud vs private cloud. They also look at multi-cloud and discuss why ZephyrTel chose AWS’ cloud solutions.

Episode #3

Understanding the benefits of a Public Cloud migration

April 7, 2021

Duration: 00:27:46

In this episode of Telco Cloud Talk, we discuss the cost-saving benefits of migrating to the public cloud as well as the flexibility it brings to the provider.

Episode #4

Top myths about the Public Cloud

April 14, 2021

Duration: 00:23:00

In this episode, Mark Newman , Chief Analyst of TM Forum and Michael Speranza, CEO of ZephyrTel tackle head-on the top myths surrounding Public Cloud.

Upcoming Episode

Public Cloud migration - where to start?

April 21, 2021